Ship with X Delivery to improve your CX, CSAT, CVR, and OpEx

For D2C ecommerce brands that continue to grow,
out-of-the-box shipping software won’t last forever. Our
shipping API will help your team enable through-the-roof
scale the way your data-driven teams want it.


Focus your entire company on API integrations for holistic growth

In order for your business to be successful, your operations, logistics, marketing, and customer experience teams need to be on the same page. As you grow into multiple-hundreds of orders per day, an open API for shipping carrier optimization is the key to making that happen.

The API offered by X Delivery is the convergence of efficiencies between your operations and revenue teams. Our API will optimize your company’s shipping processes so your teams and platforms can function more effectively, together.


You need a solution that provides clear visibility from start to finish. The X Delivery API verifies transactions, creates shipping labels, and monitors tracking through to the delivery of your customers order.


As a high-growth brand with software engineering resources, your team needs to know that you are meeting the mark. X Delivery provides you with business intelligence reporting to provide visibility on success factors.


X Delivery is designed for high-growth D2C brands who are focused on plugging into APIs and scaling their business with cross-departmental technology.

Customer Success

Partner with the right people to scale your shipping

In order for an API product to be successful, your team needs partners like the people at X Delivery to meet and exceed the success criteria for scaling your shipping.

X Delivery is a tech-focused shipping carrier that is driven by top-tier customer experience talent. Your customer success manager, operations lead, and X’s support team will provide you with an end-to-end solution from API integration to high-volume residential ecommerce package delivery.

Partner Development

Our product manager and onboarding specialists will guide you through set-up and ensure that either your in-house team can connect to the X Delivery API, or find the right development partner to do so.

Account Management

Every X Delivery API user is provided with tier 1 account management. Your account manager will ensure that milestones are being met when it comes to onboarding, integration, and scaling functionality as you grow.

Customer Support

Give your customers a great experience with the best customer support. As a high-growth D2C brand utilizing X Delivery's shipping API, you save time by leveraging our full-time in-house US-based customer support professionals to field questions about packages in transit.


Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

Scaled ecommerce infrastructures require serious tech integrations. X Delivery announces thirteen new integrations. The data-driven tech company simply called ‘X’ has partnered with thirteen technology companies to integrate their shipping carrier service: X Delivery.  Say ‘goodbye’ to extra fees and reclaim the margin other shipping carriers have suppressed for too long when you leave your […]

3 Distribution Metrics for Understanding Shipping Performance

3 Distribution Metrics for Understanding Shipping Performance

Understanding your brand’s shipping performance can save money and improve customer experience. Here are 3 distribution metrics to help you out.

Use a Single Warehouse For Your D2C Ecommerce Shipping To Boost ROI

Use a Single Warehouse For Your D2C Ecommerce Shipping To Boost ROI

When you’re running a direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce business, logistics is a major consideration. Consumers expect an Amazon-like experience that gets their orders to their doors in just a couple of days. Any error or delay in the delivery process could impact the customer experience and lower your retention rates. A significant portion of D2C ecommerce […]

Is your shipping technology aligned with the rest of
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